5 Steps to Everyday Glam

Am I the only one who looks at women on the train & do their makeup in my head? (No? It’s just me? Lol) Many of the women I see on the train ride to & from work are absolutely beautiful. Some wear makeup, some don’t. Most of my rides are spent analyzing what would add an extra bit of glam to these ladies’ everyday look. Let’s be real, not everyone can or wants to add an extra hour to their morning routine. Most ladies don’t want to add more than 10min. So what do you do when you want to get the most out of that 10min?

5 Steps to Everyday Glam
1. Start with an even base: If you already have even skin tone, great! Don’t forget to moisturize! The rest of us can use concealer to cover up dark spots or circles (hate these raccoon eyes), then set with a translucent or light mineral powder.

2. Add mascara: One coat might be enough, but if you want thicker/longer looking lashes, without falsies, add a couple more coats! (Be sure to let your lashes dry between applications.)

3. Shape/maintain your brows: If you were blessed with luscious shapely brows, just keep them tidy. If you’re like me and have barely there brows fill them in with the brow liner of your choosing & keep it simple.(Never use black, it’s always too dark!)  

4. Add lipstick: Your shade of a Nude or if you’re feeling adventurous add a pop of color with a slightly darker lip liner.

5. Blush a little: Don’t go crazy here ladies. This can go south fast! Dab your brush one time and blend it over the apples of your cheeks out towards temples. (Applied too much? Don’t despair, just use your foundation brush to tone it down.)

Remember a little goes a long way. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to add a little glam to your day!

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