Beauty Sojourn on Instagram: More Beauty, More Tips & Just More!

It’s been a while Beauties!

I’m working on incorporating all my relevant social medias to give you more of the content you love. I FINALLY added my Instagram feed! Now you can see what pics I’ve been taking and whose pics I’ve been checking out. For those of you checking this out on your smartphone, just scroll down past my posts and you’ll see the IG feed. 

You can easily follow my IG page and that means more beauty, more makeup and more … Beauty Sojourn.

I’ve seriously been slacking with my posts and videos, but don’t fret!(Am I the only one who says that? Lol!) I definitely have some tutorials coming. In the meantime,you can follow me on IG and keep an eye out for goodies.  I’m frequently posting my Makeup Of The Day (#MOTD) pics and reposting beautiful people and great information.

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