Fall Lip Love!

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As I mentioned on my Instagram (@beautysojourn), my fall lip color is a combination of Mac Nightmoth lip liner and Diva lipstick. Since I posted it a month ago,  I’ve started wearing the Nightmoth lip liner alone. I just love the color. I’ve also been half heartedly hoping that Mac also makes a Nightmoth lipstick, but I have really gone searching.
This past weekend, I went down to visit my sister. This woman lives in Sephora buying makeup she has no idea how to use. Why, you might ask? Well just because of course! Lol So she shows me some liquid lip colors she picked up from Kat Von D. One of them, she wasn’t fond of because she had hoped it was more brown. I take a look and just my luck, it’s the EXACT color I wanted! Did I mention it was my birthday too?!?!

 It turns out that Kat Von D’s liquid lip in the color Damned is a perfect match/dupe if you want a lip stain the same color as Mac’s Nightmoth.

Henceforth, I will wear this lip combo for the duration of fall! (Except when I wear Mac Cyber! Lol)

You can check out these items from my Amazon links:

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick ” Damned – Black Cherry”


MAC Lip Pencil Nightmoth


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