Love these instructional posts! Awesome perm rod set! #BeautySojourn @_hernameisme
WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS LOOK?⁉️Here’s all your questions answered. 😜 this style can be achieved with short or long hair. With relaxed, transitioning hair as well. Products I used on my perm rod set. I started on straight hair b/c that’s how I was previously wearing it. (Can be achieved either way) took about two pumps of mousse then applied a small pump of style milk combed with my Denman brush to smooth. I wrapped (instead of rolling the hair up) each small/medium section starting from the root. I sat under my hair dryer for about an hour and half. (I usually air dry but it was Saturday and I wanted to get out the house. TIP: if your ends will not stay put extra product on them or gel. For the take down i unrolled each rod. Then coated my fingers with coconut oil to separate. When all finished separating I fluffed my roots with a pick for more body. This style has been a my favorite hairstyle to date and it has lasted me 5 DAYS already! Thank you @lovelottabody !!! NIGHT MAINTENANCE: I pull my hair into a LOOSE pineapple and wrap my scarf around. In the morning I shake and pick the roots. Also if any of the curls are frizzy I coat my fingers with coconut oil and roll my finger around it. 😉 want to try these products? Head over to @luxebeautysupply they are fully stocked and loaded 😉

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