Loving this flat twist out! #BeautySojourn #curlsrule #curlyfro #curlygirlsrule #naturalhair #naturalcurls #Repost @rerefined
New Style Alert: FLAT TWIST OUT
Everyone knows that my go-to-style is a wash-N-Go but I loved the outcome of my flat twists this weekend. I did a side part and flat twisted the back straight back (with no perm rods) then the front towards my face for a big layered bang. I used perm rods in the front for definition and to shorten my front since my bangs are really long now. I also placed a bobby pin on the front flat twists to keep them in place!!! This is one of my new favorite styles and my hair was so full, soft and shiny. I will share products soon! Hope this was helpful. YouTube page coming soon. #nauturalhair #berrycurly #naturallylit26 #naturallysheisdope #protectivestyles #curlbox #healthyhairjourney #teamnatural

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