Mac Prolongwear Waterproof Foundation Results

Today we were off to the Eiffel Tower first thing (kind of) in the morning. We were really fortunate to have the weather change from rainy   to beautiful. As well as lines that moved pretty quickly. 

Now the sample I initially picked up from the Mac counter in London was in NW45. They didn’t have the shade I usually get, NW50. However, it wasn’t too light that I couldn’t make it work with the Mac Studio Fix in my shade. 

Top left was this morning around 8am. On the right is what the makeup looked like after 8 hrs. Lastly, the bottom left is my skin after an additional 9 hrs of wear.  I only dabbed at it (in my oily T zone) once for the day. 

Today at the mall near the hotel, I stopped by the Mac counter and picked up another sample in NW50. Woohoo! I’ll wear that one tomorrow and see how this foundation holds up for day 2 in Paris.

I am curious to know if anyone has tried it on a really hot day. A day when sweating is inevitable. I think that’s the real test.

See you soon!

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