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It seems that a sex tape could never do for a Black woman what we’ve seen it do time and time again for white women. A day full of taped sex and room service with Brandy’s little brother got Kim Kardashian a multimillion dollar empire. On the other hand, it got Mimi Faust a few checks from Vivid Entertainment, some Instagram memes and a married boyfriend who keeps popping up in her life like some incurable STD. There’s no denying the double standard and recently, actress LisaRaye McCoy chose to speak out about that.

“It’s them and it’s us,” she told 97.9 The Box last month. “With them, they can do whatever they want to do. They can date five or six guys—like Taylor Swift. We know that she has been through a lot of people at her young age. She sings about it all the time; let that be a Black girl and that’s a problem.”

“Let somebody do a sex tape that’s a Black girl and her career is ruined,” LisaRaye continued. “She’s not going to parlay it into fashion and stores and reality shows and marriage.”

While she doesn’t believe that it’s fair, the 47-year-old went on to say that because of this double standard, Black women have to be more careful and brand themselves differently.

Source: MadameNoire


True shit

say it again!!!!

I’m not gonna slut shame Taylor b/c she’s a pretty young woman and doesn’t have to apologize for dating who she wants. We’ve all dated plenty of guys so w/e. 

But the sex tape part though… YES MA’AM!

But she doesn’t seem to be slut shaming Taylor here. She is merely used as a frame of reference to say if she were a black girl people wouldn’t stay down for her like they do for Taylor. For the most part, that is true.

yeah it’s not about slut shaming taylor swift at all. think about the difference in how they treat Taylor vs how they treat Rihanna when it comes to their sexual history. they are 2 years apart.

think about the way rappers dogged superhead and look at Kim.

Eve’s career was almost ruined over a sex tape with her boyfriend… Kim Kardashian’s whole family got put on.

hell, look at the way Kanye treated Amber vs the way he treats Kim.

Reblogging this spot on commentary…

When you are sitting perched high on a pedestal you have more levels to drop down to. Remember when Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana Fishburne tried to be like ‘Kim Kardashian’???? Yep it failed. Again its not the behavior its the skin you do the deeds in.

Fishburne made headlines in 2010 when she entered the adult film industry at the age of 18. She said she was inspired by Kim Kardashian’s success, which she believed was “due to the release of her sex tape by Vivid.” She said she hoped the “same magic” would help launch her career, and that she was “impatient” about making a name for herself.

Montana Fishburne said her father was “very hurt” by her decision to go into porn, but she believed he would eventually see it as a positive. That day never came, and Fishburne said her father cut ties with her and that she was “no longer welcome in his life” because of her decision.

She is 100% correct. White women are allowed to be sexual and capitalize off it. Black women cannot due to our already hypersexualization. Our bodies are assumed to be already ‘open for business.’

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