Trip to Harrod’s Mac Counter

While in London this week, “on Holiday”, I had the wonderful chance to visit Harrod’s. Harrod’s is THE department store to visit in London. (Think Saks Fifth Ave in NYC, but fancier!) As I walked through I saw and stopped by the Mac makeup counter. 

The makeup artist was quite pleasant and informative. I wanted to know if the new Mac waterproof foundation really holds up. She told me her skin tends to get really oily through the day and this formula works for her. I made that “yeah right” face, to which she mentioned her initial skepticism as well. 

The artist was kind enough to give me a sample, unlike the artist at the Mac in JFK (she couldn’t find ANY containers). Since it will be a hot day at the Eiffel Tower tomorrow, I’ll have an opportunity to try it out and see how it holds up. 

Wish me luck!

See you soon!

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