Trouble with nude lippies

Are you having a hard time finding a nude lip colour that will look good on you? Tip: Wear a darker lip liner before you apply your nude lippie (lippie=lip color, whether it be lipgloss or lipstick). 

Being a dark skinned woman of color, I felt the nude trend was NOT happening for me. First of all, the nude colors did not match my skin AT ALL! Secondly, I was not about to walk out of my house looking like I just ate powdered donuts and didn’t wipe my mouth. No thank you!

Recently, I’ve been noticing more “woman of color friendly” shades of nude lippies. Since I live to mix colors, I started out by applying one of my dark lipsticks (Cyber: Mac). Then, I started applying the nude lippie to the center of my lips and blending it outward. HELLO hombre lip!! (Who decided to name that feathered look hombre & did they know it meant “man” in Spanish?!) 

So fear not beautiful ladies! You can wear nude lip colors…As long as you wear a darker color and blend, blend, blend!

See you soon!


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